If you have a valid Cylinder Refill Agreement, you may be entitled to a 70 – 25% refund of the original Refill Agreement charge. Simply return the gas bottle(s) in good order to us, along with your original Cylinder Refund Agreement paperwork, to receive a proportion refund of the Refill Agreement Charge. The age of your Cylinder Refill Agreement determines the refund proportion:

1 year old 70% refund
2 year old 60% refund
3 year old 50% refund
4 year old 45% refund
5 year old 40% refund
6 year old 35% refund
7 year old 30% refund
Over 7 years 25% refund

  Can’t find your Cylinder Refill Agreement paperwork? Calor offer £7.50 for each Calor gas bottle that is returned to one of their Calor Centres. To
find your nearest Calor Centre call
0800 022 4146, or use Calor’s retailer finder tool and apply the ‘Calor Centre’ filter. https://www.calor.co.uk/gas-bottles/retailers